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An agribusiness forecasting service giving you a tremendous advantage over competitors.

  • AGL-Benefits

    Protect your bottom line with key marketing strategies.

  • Timely, accurate forecasts keep you ahead of your competitors.

  • Gain insight into industry events impacting farm and agribusiness profits.


The Agriculture Letter provides the trusted information you need to stay ahead of emerging issues and trends that impact farm profits now, and into the future. Subscribe today and join thousands of other farmers, ranchers and agribusiness decision makers who turn to The Agriculture Letter every month.

  • Timely forecasts of USDA and legislative policy

  • Farm income and price outlook

  • Labor supply

  • Wages

  • Crops

  • New food processing plans and methods

  • Marketing strategies

  • and more

About The Agriculture Letter

Published twice each month,The Agriculture Letter is available to subscribers by mail, email, and secure online access. With editors stationed in Iowa and Washington D.C., we are able to provide unique insight across a broad range of agricultural topics. Plus, with unlimited access to Farm Journal Media's extensive resources, we're able to provide trusted and respected insights and outlook beneficial to farmers, agribusiness professionals, local, state and federal government institutions, universities, trade associations, lending institutions, insurance industry insiders, and many others.