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Since 1929, The Agriculture Letter has helped its subscribers keep pace with the issues and trends shaping agriculture and agribusiness. Agriculture is big, complex and international. The Agriculture Letter is the trusted source for tracking the key trends, policies, and market dynamics impacting today’s multi-dimensional agriculture industry.

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Track Trade and Policy

Track Trade and Policy

Weather may be the most talked about topic in agriculture, but trade and policy changes are the market’s biggest concern. That’s why The Agriculture Letter keeps you in touch with the current and proposed trade agreements that will have a short-term and long-term impact on agriculture exports. With The Agriculture Letter, you’ll stay ahead of key trade and policy changes such as NAFTA, US/China relations, Farm Bill, and much more.

Market Shifts

Stay Ahead of Market Shifts

Tracking market shifts is key for members of the agriculture market and agribusiness professionals. Through its commodity recaps and ag market outlook, The Agriculture Letter provides you the data needed to stay ahead of these shifts. In the newsletter, our editorial team analyzes key U.S.D.A. reports and provides outlook on Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, Rice, Cotton, Dairy, Pork and Beef.

Market Shifts

Understand the Landscape

The Agriculture Letter delivers key insight and analysis into the most pressing topics shaping agriculture and agribusiness. Key topics include Farm Income, Transportation, Labor Supply, Wages, Technology and more. With editors based in Washington D.C. and the Midwest, The Agriculture Letter is able to uniquely share “need to know” information across agriculture’s complex landscape.